About MIMP

Phosphorylation is a post-translational modification involved in many cellular processes. Aberrant phosphorylation can alter signaling pathways and gene expression. Thus, phosphorylation-related single nucleotide variants (pSNVs) can potentially lead to rewiring of phosphorylation networks.

Mutations IMpact on Phosphorylation (MIMP) is a web service that predicts if a mutation within a phosphorylation site will alter phosphorylation. MIMP works by constructing specificity models for kinases, which are then used to score phosphosites containing a mutation before and after the mutation to predict the impact it may have on phosphorylation.


If you have any comments, suggestions or would like some help getting started with MIMP feel free to contact us.


We gratefully thank the following resources for providing phosphorylation sites and as kinase substrates:


If you use MIMP in your work, please cite the following:

Wagih O, Reimand J, Bader GD. MIMP: predicting the impact of mutations on kinase-substrate phosphorylation (2015) Nature Methods 12(6):531-3.
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